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Scholarships for Minorities - Hispanics, Latinos (Boricuas, Canarios, Catrachos, Chamorros, Chapines, Chicanos, Colombianos, Cubans, Dominicans, Ecuatoguineans, Spaniards, Filipinos, Guajiros, Guanacos, Jíbaros, Mexicans, Mexican Americans, Nicas, New Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Quisqueyans, Sephardim, South and Central Americans, Texans, Ticos, Venezolanos) African Americans, Native Alaskans (Aleuts, Inuit, Eskimos), Native Americans, Native Pacific Islanders (Hawaiians, Polynesians or Micronesians)

K-12 College Graduate Postgrad

Association of State Public Health Nutritionists (ASPHN)

Health Equity Internship Program

Oct 26

ASPHN offers internships for the fall and spring. Students who do no attend minority-serving institutions can apply to the program. Students enrolled in a minority serving institution of higher education are encouraged to participate in the internship program. Applicants must be currently enrolled in an institution of higher education at the undergraduate or masters level and be in good academic standing at their institution. International students may participate in the internship program if they submit a student visa with the application materials.
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National Association of School Psychologists — Awards, Scholarships & Grants


Minority Scholarships for Graduate Training in School Psychology — $5,000

Oct 30
Students must be accepted for enrollment in a school psychology program that is NASP-approved and/or located in an institution that is accredited by the appropriate institutional regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, with the aim of becoming a practicing School Psychologist.

American Dental Association Foundation — Education


Scholarships for Dental and Allied Dental Health Students

Nov 9
Predoctoral Dental Student and Allied Dental Student Scholarships. The ADA Foundation funds scholarships for dental student, underrepresented minority dental students and allied dental students including dental hygiene, dental assisting and dental laboratory technology.

Harvard Medical School


The Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Minority Health Policy at Harvard University — $60,000

Dec 1
The year-long fellowship offers intensive study in health policy, public health, and management for physicians committed to transforming delivery systems for vulnerable populations. Fellows also participate in leadership forums and seminars with nationally recognized leaders in health care delivery systems, minority health, and public policy. Under the program, fellows complete academic work leading to a master of public health degree at the Harvard School of Public Health, or a master of public administration degree at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program — Up to $4,800

Feb 1
The Program is offered for currently-enrolled undergraduates who are considering careers in biological or biomedical research sciences, who have already had at least one summer (or equivalent term-time) of experience in a research laboratory, and who have taken at least one upper-level biology course that includes molecular biology.

Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP) for Medical Students — Up to $400

The Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP) provides support for fourth-year and qualified third-year minority (African American, Native American, and Hispanic American) medical students to participate in the HMS Exchange Clerkship Program.

American Physical Therapy Association — Scholarships, Awards and Grants

Physical Therapy Minority Scholarships

Dec 1
These scholarships are awarded annually to physical therapy students in their final year of physical therapy education and faculty members pursuing their post-professional doctoral degree.

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) — Training Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


Individual Predoctoral Fellowships to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research

Dec 8
Apr 8
Aug 8
This program encourages students from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to seek graduate degrees in the biomedical and behavioral sciences to help increase the number of well-trained scientists from underrepresented groups. The fellowship provides up to 5 years of support for research training leading to the Ph.D. or equivalent research degree, the combined M.D./Ph.D. degree, or other combined degrees in the biomedical or behavioral sciences.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP)

UGSP offers competitive scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to careers in biomedical, behavioral, and social science health-related research. The program offers scholarship support, paid research training at the NIH during the summer and paid employment and training at the NIH after graduation.

Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT)

MHIRT awards support the ability of U.S. academic institutions to offer short-term international training opportunities in health disparities research for undergraduate and graduate students in the health professions who are from health disparity populations and/or are underrepresented in basic science, biomedical, clinical, or behavioral health research career fields.

American Psychological Association — Minority Fellowship Program


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Predoctoral Fellowship

Jan 15
A federally funded program to support doctoral training in psychology that seeks to promote culturally competent behavioral health services and policy for ethnic minority populations and increase the number of ethnic minority psychologists providing behavioral health services and developing policy for ethnic minority populations.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (MHSAS) Postdoctoral Fellowship

Jan 15
The goal of the Postdoctoral MHSAS Fellowship Program is to encourage and facilitate the specialized training of postdoctoral psychologists who maintain a professional focus on behavioral health services or policy for ethnic minorities.

American Physiological Society — Student Awards/Fellowships


Porter Physiology Development Fellowship

Jan 15
The Porter Physiology Development Program provides 1-2 year full-time graduate fellowships in programs leading to the Ph.D. (or D.Sc.) in the physiological sciences at U.S. institutions. The program is open to underrepresented ethnic minority applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its territories and student members of the Society.

Minority Travel Fellowships

This program is designed to encourage highly qualified women, racial/ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and other individuals who traditionally have been underrepresented in science to pursue professional careers in physiological/biomedical sciences.

American Psychiatric Foundation — Grants, Fellowships, Awards


American Psychiatric Diversity Leadership Fellowships

Jan 30
The two-year American Psychiatric Leadership Fellowship offers psychiatric residents, with exceptional leadership potential, many different experiences that prepare them for leadership roles.

Jeanne Spurlock Congressional Fellowships

Jun 1
The Fellowship provides all psychiatry residents, fellows and early career psychiatrists an opportunity to work in a congressional office on federal health policy, particularly policy related to child and/or minority issues.

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons — Programs for Future Physicians and Scientists


Summer Public Health Scholars

Jan 31
The program is designed for undergraduates in their Sophomore or Junior year and recent baccalaureate degree students who are undecided about their career goals and who have a minimum GPA of 2.7. This is a rigorous program which includes Public Health course work at Columbia University; hands-on field experience and immersion in a diverse, economically disadvantaged urban environment; seminars and lectures with public health leaders; and mentoring by faculty members, ensuring students' exposure to the breadth and importance of public health as a career option.

University of Michigan, School of Public Health — Tuition and Financial Aid


Future Public Health Leaders Program

Jan 31
The Future Public Health Leaders Program (FPHLP) is a 10-week residential program at the University of Michigan School of Public Health (UM-SPH) designed to encourage underrepresented college students to consider careers in public health. The program is intended for college students in their Sophomore, Junior or Senior year who are undecided about their career goals and are in good academic standing in their area of study. The program includes public health and career mentorship, hands-on and practical field experience, seminars, lectures and workshops with public health leaders.

Morehouse College — Public Health Sciences Institute (PHSI)


Project IMHOTEP Summer Research Internships

Jan 31
Project IMHOTEP is an eleven-week internship designed to increase the knowledge and skills of rising juniors and seniors and recent graduates of an undergraduate institution in biostatistics, epidemiology, and occupational safety and health. Applicants must be current juniors, seniors, or recent graduates (within one year) of an undergraduate institution.

Kennedy Krieger Institute — RISE Programs


Maternal and Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement

Jan 31
The Maternal and Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement (MCHC/RISE-UP) Program provides opportunities for enhanced public health and related training to eliminate health disparities and promote health equity. This program's ultimate goal is to promote a more diversified and equal health system by introducing highly qualified undergraduate students (juniors and, seniors with a GPA 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale; and students who received their baccalaureate degree within 12 months of MCHC/RISE-UP program orientation) from underrepresented groups to the field of public health. All students interested in addressing health disparities are encouraged to apply.

James A. Ferguson Emerging Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program

Jan 31
A nine week summer program providing educational and professional development opportunities for students from underrepresented populations and those interested in addressing health disparities related to infectious diseases. Students must be currently enrolled as a full-time student in a medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, or public health graduate program.

American Dental Hygienists Association — College Scholarships and Grants

Institute for Oral Health Scholarships

Feb 1
The program offers financial assistance to dental hygiene students and dental hygienists who demonstrate a commitment to advance the discipline of dental hygiene.

Harvard School of Public Health


Summer Program in Biostatistics & Computational Biology

Feb 1
The Summer Program is a relatively intensive 4-week program, during which qualified participants receive an interesting and enjoyable introduction to biostatistics, epidemiology and public health research. This program is designed to expose undergraduates to the use of quantitative methods for biological, environmental and medical research.

U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) — Loans & Scholarships

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS)

Jan 25
The program provides funds to schools. In turn, the schools make scholarships to full-time, financially needy students from disadvantaged backgrounds, enrolled in health professions and nursing programs: medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, podiatric medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, public health, chiropractic, dental hygiene, medical laboratory technology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiologic technology, speech pathology, audiology, registered dietitians, behavioral and mental health practice, clinical psychology, clinical social work, professional counseling, marriage and family therapy, physician assistants.

Health Professions Student Loans

The program provides long-term, low interest rate loans to full-time, financially needy students to pursue a degree in dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, podiatric medicine, or veterinary medicine.

Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS)

The program provides long-term, low-interest rate loans to full-time, financially needy students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue a degree in allopathic medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatric medicine, pharmacy or veterinary medicine.

U.S. National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) — Research Grant Mechanisms


Bridges to the Baccalaureate Degree

The program provides support to institutions to help students make transitions at a critical stage in their development as scientists. The program is aimed at helping students make the transition from 2-year junior or community colleges to full 4-year baccalaureate programs. The program targets students from groups underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral research enterprise of the nation and/or populations disproportionately affected by health disparities.

Bridges to the Doctoral Degree

The program provides support to institutions to help students make a critical transition in their development as scientists. The program is aimed at helping students make the transition from master's degree programs to Ph.D. programs. The program targets students from groups underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral research enterprise of the nation and/or populations disproportionately affected by health disparities.

Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC)

MARC seeks to increase the number of highly-trained underrepresented biomedical and behavioral scientists in leadership positions to significantly impact the health-related research needs of the nation.

Kaiser Permanente, Southern California


Oliver Goldsmith, M.D. Scholarships for Students in Good Standing Entering the Third or Fourth Year of Medical School — $5,000

Feb 3
Scholarships for people who care about their diverse communities. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. medical/osteopathic school and demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of culturally and/or linguistically responsive care or diversity through community service work, clinical volunteering, or applicable research.

Rutgers University, Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research


Summer Internships in Mental Health, Health and Health Policy Research for Sophomores and Juniors from Ethnic and Cultural Groups Traditionally Under-Represented in Graduate Education — $4,150

Feb 10
The summer program is an intensive ten-week internship opportunity for qualified students who would like to obtain research skills and "hands-on" experience in health services research under the guidance of a distinguished faculty mentor.

Institute for Diversity in Health Management — Education Programs


Summer Internships in Health Management — $5,000

Feb 14
The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is an enhanced internship program which gives real-world work experience to graduate students in health administration with a 10-12 week, paid internship in a hospital or health care facility.

Graduate Scholarships in Health Care Administration - $1,000 to $5,000

Feb 28
The Institute's Scholarship Program provides financial support to help fund graduate education for students preparing for a career as a health administrator.

Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools (HSHPS) — Training Programs


Graduate Fellowship Training Program

Feb 9
The HSHPS Graduate Fellowship Training Program provides paid and unpaid training opportunities for graduate and doctoral students and recent graduates interested in working on Hispanic health research. Fellows are placed throughout the United States and Latin America within government agencies and academic institutions. All HSHPS fellows work along side a mentor, an experienced researcher or senior staff member; assist with a research project as it relates to minority health issues; and participate in a series of professional development seminars.

Texas Medical Association — Scholarships


Minority Scholarships for Texas Medical Students — $5,000

Feb 23
For minorities underrepresented in Texas medical schools and the state's physician workforce: Mexican Americans, African Americans or Native Americans.

Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) — Dental and Medical School Career Preparation


Free (full tuition, housing, and meals) six-week medical and dental school summer academic enrichment program for freshman and sophomore college students — $3,600

Feb 15
Factors considered in the admissions process include whether an applicant identifies with a group that is racially/ethnically underrepresented in medicine and/or dentistry (as defined independently by each program site); comes from an economically or educationally disadvantaged background; has demonstrated interest in issues affecting underserved populations; and submits a compelling personal statement and strong letters of recommendation.

American Nurses Association — Minority Fellowships

Minority Fellowship Program Youth

Feb 28
The primary goal of the NITT-MFP-Y is to reduce health disparities, and improve behavioral health care outcomes for racially and ethnically diverse populations by increasing the number of culturally competent master's level behavioral health professionals. The fellowship focuses on the behavioral health care of children, adolescents, and youth transitioning into adulthood (aged 16-25). Applicants must he currently matriculated in a master's level programs that has behavioral health (psychiatric mental health and/or substance use) disorders prevention and treatment specialty programs.

Minority Fellowships

Mar 1
Supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), this program provides 3-5 year fellowships to masters prepared nurses committed to pursuing doctoral study on minority psychiatric-mental health and substance abuse issues.

American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation — Financing Medical School


Minority Scholarships — $5,000 to $10,000

Mar 4
Medical student tuition assistance scholarships.

Latin American School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba


Full Scholarship to Study Medicine at the Latin American School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba

Mar 15
A six-year program of study, which includes two years of basic sciences, three years of classwork and clinical rotations at accredited teaching hospitals, and a rotatory clinical internship in the sixth year.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Basic/Biomedical, Clinical, Dental, and Health Services/Epidemiology Research


Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program

Mar 18
The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program supports basic/biomedical, clinical, and health services/epidemiology research. The purpose of the AMFDP award is to facilitate the transition of the newly-trained clinician who wishes to develop into an independent investigator.

American College of Healthcare Executives — Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships

Mar 31
Designated for minority students enrolled in their final year of a healthcare management graduate program.

Minority Internships in Healthcare and Professional Society Management

Jan 9, Mar 4
The three-month internship program will provide an opportunity for the intern to rotate through all major ACHE divisions, including Communications and Marketing, Education, Executive Office, Finance and Administration, Health Administration Press, Management Information Systems, Membership, Regional Services, and Research.

Albert W. Dent Graduate Student Scholarship — $5,000

American Art Therapy Association


Awards & Scholarships

Apr 1
Specifically designed for the purchase of books, this fund is available to members of an ethnic minority group who can demonstrate financial need and acceptance and or enrollment in an AATA approved art therapy program.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) — Grants and Awards


Herbert W. Nickens, M.D., Medical Scholarships — $5,000

Apr 6
These awards consist of five scholarships given to outstanding students entering their third year of medical school who have shown leadership in efforts to eliminate inequities in medical education and health care and have demonstrated leadership efforts in addressing educational, societal, and health care needs of racial and ethnic minorities in the United States.

Herbert W. Nickens, M.D., Faculty Fellowships — $15,000

Apr 6
The award recognizes an outstanding junior faculty member who has demonstrated leadership in the United States in addressing inequities in medical education and health care; demonstrated efforts in addressing educational, societal, and health care needs of minorities; and is committed to a career in academic medicine.

National Medical Fellowships — Scholarships in Medicine and the Health Professions


Scholarships, Awards and Fellowship Programs for Medical Students

Aug 1
The core program of NMF is the need-based scholarships. Offered primarily to first- and second-year medical students, these scholarships are granted on the basis of financial need.

National Hispanic Health Foundation (NHHF) — Scholarships

National Hispanic Health Professional Scholarship — $2,000 to $5,000 per year

Oct 5
Open to any student enrolled full time in an accredited graduate dental, medical, public health, policy, physician assistant, pharmacy, or podiatry, and BSN or graduate students in nursing school. Nursing BSN students will only be considered for the $2,000 one-year scholarships. Any other health professions not listed above will not be considered.

HIV Medicine Association — Professional Developmen


HIVMA Clinical Fellowships — $60,000

Jan 8
The Clinical Fellowship program supports physicians with gaining HIV clinical experience working with medically underserved patient populations.

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation — Media Internships and Fellowships


The Kaiser Media Internships in Health Reporting

An internship program for young minority journalists interested in specializing in urban public health reporting.

Nationally Coveted College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships and Postdoctoral Research Awards

Cancer Research & Education: Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Research Awards for Students

College financial aid for cancer survivors, young adults, persons impacted by cancer.

Medical School and Health Professions: Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Research Awards for Students

Medicine, Dentistry, Idiopathy, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Osteopathy, Pharmacology, and Veterinary Science.

Minorities: College Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships, Research Internships

College scholarships, graduate fellowships and grants for Hispanics, Latinos, Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans, South and Central Americans, African Americans, Native Alaskans, Aleuts, Inuit, Eskimos, Native Americans, Native Pacific Islanders, Hawaiians, Polynesians or Micronesians.

Nurses: Nursing Scholarships for College and Graduate School

Assistants, attendants, baby sitters, caretakers, foster parents, medics, minders, nurse practitioners, practical nurses, registered nurses, sitters, therapists, and wet nurses.

Public Health: Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Research Awards

Disease control and prevention, epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health education, toxicology, public health training, nutrition, and chronic diseases.

Society of Toxicology — Awards and Fellowships


Minority Student Travel Awards

The award will provide travel funds to the next National SOT meeting and will be presented to a minority or woman Ph.D. student judged to give the best platform or poster presentation.

U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality — Research Training Programs


Opportunities for Minority Students

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) supports training opportunities to help individuals prepare for a career in health services research. AHRQ is particularly interested in fostering the professional development of minority health services researchers.

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